Durable repellent nanocoatings for PV modules which improve electrical productivity and protect surface from contamination
Dirt, dust, oil and water reduce solar power output by up to 40-50%
The productivity can be raised by applying self-cleaning long-lasting nanocoating. It's easy to apply and improve efficiency of solar panels by increasing energy output and saving costs for cleaning.
Our advantages
Improving the efficiency
Improves the sunligh transparency and raises the electrical productivity up to 5%

Selfcleaning effect
Protects from dirt, dust, oil and water

Resistant to abrasion
Protects from mechanical damages

High water repellency
Hydrophobic contact angle 110-120
Easy to use
Economical (about 10 ml per 1 sq/m)
Long-lasting effect
Up to 3 years
Reduces cost for chemical and mechanical cleaning
We are continuing R&D work to improve coating efficiency to increase solar modules energy output up to 20% - we will update regarding our achievements.

Our contacts
Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Baltiyskaya 51